Research Area

Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, Social Marketing, Consumer Behaviour,Business Communication

Teaching Area

Marketing Management, Sales & Distribution Management ,Service & Retail Marketing,...

Dr.Dheeraj Tiwari

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Management). MBA (Marketing & Finance) M.Sc.(Physics)
Marketing Management, & Sales


Dr.Dheeraj Tiwari is an Assistant Professor in Marketing area, having an overall experience of 20 years comprising 10 years in academics and 10 years in the industry. He has a wide variety of experience at both the places. He has worked as Marketing Professional with Prism Cement, Paradeep Phosphates Ltd., and Oswal Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.. Apart from this, he has worked as a Business Development Officer with ICFAI, Dewas, as a Training and Placement Officer with School of Economics, D.A.V.V., Indore, Medicaps, Indore and G.S.I.M.R., Indore, wherein organizing extensive training programmes and industrial visits for students thereby, helping them to increase their exposure of the industry and enhancing industry-institute interaction. Besides, he has a teaching experience of over 10 years in institutes like Medicaps, Indore and G.S.I.M.R Indore. In addition to this, he has also worked as free-lancer, providing training to the Sales Development Manager of organizations like H.D.F.C. Life Insurance, Indore. He has guided around 200 students for their major research projects. Having completed his Doctoral degree in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, he is actively involved in research into that area.


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  • Participated National Conference on “Emerging trends in financial services” held on 25-26 April 2008 organised by Medicaps Institute of Technology & Management and State Bank of India in Indore.
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  • Participated International Conference on “Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Transforming World Economy” held on 11-12 February 2012 organised by Prestige Institute of Management & Research in Indore.
  • Participated in a two week ISTE workshop on “Introduction to Research Methodology” conducted by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay From 25th June to 04th July2012 .
  • Participated International Conference on “Mapping Business Excellence through Vision, Values, and Vibrant Practices” held on 30-31 January 2013 organised by Prestige Institute of Management & Research in Indore.
  • Participated in a one day international  workshop on “Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Management” conducted by Department of Management in Patel Group Of Institutions  on 18th February2013 .
  • Participated in a one week FDP on “Innovative Teaching Approaches and Techniques in Higher Education” conducted by Govindram Seksaria Institute Of Management and Research Indore From 18th September to 24th September 2015 .