Research Area

Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Brand Management, Service Marketing, Customer Engagement, Retail Marketing, consumer Behaviour

Teaching Area

Marketing, Service Marketing, Advertising and Brand Management, Product Policy Management...

Dr. Neha C. Modi

Marketing Management
Marketing,sales management


Dr. Neha C. Modi is an Associate Professor in Marketing, having more than 12 years of rich experience wherein 11 years in academics and 2 year in corporate. She has worked for companies like Kores India Ltd, City bank etc. She has guided more than 150 students for their major research projects and he is also a certified trainer for entrepreneurship skills development by National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN).She was co facilitator to many faculty development pragramme.


  • Research paper published PRATIBIMB the journal of IMIS indexed in Proquest on Titled:
    “A comparative study on customer relationship Management Practices of Indian private and public banks: customer perspective”.
  • Research paper in 2nd National conference on ”Recent Trends an Innovative Practices in Engineering, Management and Pharmacy at BM Group of Colleges Indore, Titled:
    “The Power of Cult Brands”.
  • Research paper published in “Research Journal Madhya Bharti’ Tilted:
    “Comparative study of Customer Relationship Management Practice of Indian banks :Employee Perspective” in the month of January 2013.
  • Research Paper Published in  NAAC Sponsored National conference on “Globalization of higher Education in India: Challenges and prospect” in Shri Vaishnav  institute of Management and Research on 6th April  2013  titled :
    FDI in Higher Education :A New Dimension of Growth”
  • Research  Paper Published in 6th national IT  conference on “Enhancing Business Competencies through Innovative Practices” at Prestige institute of management and research  on 9th -10th 2011  titled:
    “  Effect of ICT products on customer services with special reference to Banking Sector”
  • Research paper Published in national conference on “Emerging trends in Financial services at Medicaps Institute of Technology and Management, Indore on 25th-26th April 2008 titled:
    “Study of corporate culture and performance appraisal in private bank in the Indore region”.
  • Research paper published in 2nd international conference organized by Prestige Institute of          Management and Research, Indore on 30th-31st January 2008 on  Navigation Glocalisation through Quality Initiative  titled:
    “ Brand Image of Tata – A Psychometric Analysis”.
  • Research paper  published in1st international conference organized by “ International Institute of Foreign Trade and Research “on Opportunities and challenges in Global Business,Indore  on 8th -9th August 2008  titled:
    “ Gender Role in Advertising: A study of Print Media”
  • Research paper Published in National Seminar on “Privatization of Higher Education Under WTO Regime” at  MKHS Gujarati College, Indore titled:
    Globalization of distance  ”
  • Presented paper in 1st  national conference on “ Challenges and Prospective in Engineering, Management and Pharmacy at BM College of Management, Indore on 27th -28th April 2012  titled:
     “ Knowledge management: Need of Today”
  • Presented Research paper in 8th National  conference organized by Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore on 16th February 2010 on “Mapping for Excellence: Challenges Ahead” titled:
     “Reverse Innovation for Emerging Markets: A Case Study Of GM”
  • Presented paper in 2nd International Conference on “Opportunities and Challenges in the Global Business” at International Institute of Foreign Trade and Research on February 13-14th , 2010 titled:
    “Excellence through Knowledge Management: Study of Retail Cooperative Bank”
  • Presented paper in International Conference on Globalization and Emerging Economies at IIM, Indore from 11th -13th August 2008 titled:
    “Impact of Globalization:  Special Reference of Automobile Industry in Malwa Region”.
  • Presented Research paper in  19th  Annual Conference of Madhya Pradesh Economic Association organized by  School of Economics, DAVV, Indore on 15th -16th February 2008 titled:
    Impact of WTO: An Emerging Perspective
  • Presented Research paper in 4th National Conference organized by Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore on 16th February 2008 on Mapping for Excellence: Challenges ahead titled:
    “knowledge Management :Emerging Perspective”
  • Presented Research Paper  in  8th International Conference organized  by the Research Development Association, Jaipur in collaboration with Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jaipur on 5th -6th January 2008 on Emerging Issues in Accounting, Information Technology, Business and Management, titled:
    “Service Quality a Tool for Decision Making in Public Sector Bank”
  • Presented Research paper in 3rd International Conference organized by Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore on 13th-14th October2006. on Mapping for  Excellence: Challenges ahead  titled:
    Women Empowerment :Socio Economic Development and Management