Program Name: Social Activity Conducted at Jyoti Nivas Old Age Home, Navlakha, Indore.

     Program Date: 14th February 2017

     Venue: Jyoti Nivas Old Age Home, Navlakha, Indore,Pin-452001

     Beneficiaries: 63 old aged people

     Program Details:

  • Students together with the faculty of GSIMR college and Ashadeep Society For Social Development organized a social activity at : Jyoti Nivas Old Age Home, Navlakha, Indore.
  • In Jyoti Nivas Old Age Home most of the old age people were suffering from various diseases psychological problems and accidental cases etc.
  • The activity was organized under guidance of Director GSIMR Dr. Manmeet Singh and Dr.Neha c. Modi, 14 Students Coordinators along with faculty members Prof.Jalaj Katare , Ashish Kumar Singh  and other social workers participated in the activity which started at 10:30 am to 11:30 am.
  • Students distributed roses and greeting cards to them.
  • Gathered various information from them through interaction on one to one basis.

2. Rejoice with beautiful birds

     Program Name: Rejoice with beautiful birds

     Program Date and time : 17th February 2017 at 7:30 am

     Venue: Govindram Seksaria Institute of Management and Research, Indore.

     Beneficiaries: 15 different bird species

     Objectives of this event :-

  1. To watch, admire and capture all the winged beauties present in our campus around 15 bird species are there in the campus.
  2.  To create awareness among the students for beautiful birds species in the environment and message them for save birds and our environment.

    Program Details:

  1. To make addition to our existing knowledge about different species of birds and to have a discussion for their preservation.
  2. It was a gathering of around 30 peoples.
  3. The groups were able to locate around 15 different bird species like Sunbird, Blue Rock, Red wetted Lapwing, Black Kite, Asian Koel, Drongo, Red Bulbul, Shikra, Jungle Babbles, Indian Robin etc. in our campus and were able to click few pictures as well.
  4. The event was headed by Shri Ajay Gadikar (Ornithologist & a renowned name in the field of bird conservation). He enlightened the august gathering by providing some very relevant information about different species which are around us but we are not aware about them. He also spoke about those species which are now at the urge of extinction due to various reasons.he recommended a few very easier steps which we must follow to preserve these natural winged beauties.


Program Date and time : 22 Feb 2017

   Participants of this event: Business Growth and success decoded the seminar was attended by over 50 traders from various industries. Like Readymade cloth association and association of electronics Indore, Madhya Pradesh laghu udhyog sangh, Madhya Pradesh safety security and telecom associations.

  event degnatories

  1. Jagat Shah :- Global trade and economic development mentor.
  2. Rakesh Prakhar :- Business Guru and World Record holder on Training.


To boosting the moral of Indore’s businessmen and traders in the age of fast changing business models. With a heavy  reliance on digitization and start-ups.

   On the speakers desk :-

  1. JAGAT SHAH :-Startups and online businesses have a higher success rate in small cities like Indore as compare to metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi, having come down to the city to conduct a one day hop on business growth. India will soon be much ahead of western countries in terms of digital penetration and success of online business models. The day when India start-ups like OYO rooms and OLA cabs will be popular in foreign countries is not far away. Training existing businessmen in making full use of government scheme and projects in building their business and brand and each project has a hidden opportunity for start-ups.
  2. Rakesh Prakhar :- The need for existing businessmen to revamp their current businesses and enhance their business models to include changes to match the current needs and direction of the economy. Businessmen who are rigid in their approach in conducting business are on the verge of being extinct as old business model cannot be success in today’s world.